The Pacific Whale Foundation recognized Steve's photographic accomplishments by granting him two of the six awards given this past year.


Whales are not the only natural beauty that Steve explores. Many wonders have captured his eye over his years of photography.


In his travels Steve has witnessed many locations, from the grandiose mountains to the all encompassing seas.

Steve Sonnenberg

Steve Sonnenberg is a published, award winning photographer from San Clemente, California.  He began pursuing his photographic passion while still in grade school.  In the past 25 years he has been able to travel throughout the world focusing his attention on his favorite subjects – Wildlife (especially whales), Nature, and candid shots of local places,  people and children at play.  He has learned that in addition to photographic skill it takes five more components to be successful: Planning, Patience, Persistence, Practice, and Passion.

All of Steve’s photos invite the viewer to imagine the story that is being illustrated by the image.  Study his pictures and let your eyes and mind find the story for you.  Enjoy!

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Recent Events

May, 2010
I have just returned from a three month adventure photographing activities and events on the Island of Maui.  In addition to capturing the images of hundreds of Humpback Whales I added many photos of flowers, hula dancers, waves, rainbows, sunsets, and other representations of the island life.  Send me an email request and I will forward to you some of the samples of these spectacular photographs.

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